How do I attend Epic training? 

Epic1 training is offered as a mix of self-paced e-learning lessons and live, instructor-led virtual classes. The Epic Job Role assigned in the Validation Portal by your leader determines which mix of classes you will be required to take. 

  When you are registered for a live, instructor-led class, you will join using a Microsoft Teams link. You can join your class by:  

  • Using the link found in the calendar appointment from Saba 
  • Logging into Saba and reviewing the course description for the class link 
  • Clicking your class name from 


How do I request Epic access for new team members? 

BJC Managers or WU Security Contacts determine Epic access and training for their new team members. Use the Chrome browser to log into the Validation Portal. Find your new team member in your list and assign an Epic Job Role. Assigning a role in the Validation Portal is the first step for any team member or non-team member who requires access to Epic. Assigning the Epic Job Role sends the curriculum assignment to Saba, and also lets the Epic1 security team know what access your team member needs once they finish their Epic classes. Epic access is granted by the end of the next business day after the team member completes training. 


How do I request Epic access for non-employees? 

Assigning a role in the Validation Portal is the first step for any team member who requires access to Epic. Non-employees will need a BJCNT-ID before being placed in the Portal. After you have their BJCNT-ID, access the User’s Guide in the Help Menu of the Validation Portal to add the non-team member to your team member list. You can also reach Epic1 training at [email protected]with any questions on your non-employees. 

Note: The Epic1 team does not request BJCNT IDs for non-employees. 


Can I add my new team member to the Portal if they aren't showing up? 

Yes! As long as you have a BJCNT-ID for your team member, you can add them to the Validation Portal, using the Add an Team Member link. Step-by-step visual instructions can be found in the Help Menu in the User’s Guidein the Validation Portal


Why can't I find my Epic Job Role ID in the Portal? 

Epic Job Roles may change over time to accommodate updated Epic Security or Epic Training needs. If you need help determining the best Epic Job Role for one of your team members, please reach out to us at [email protected] 


How will virtual training classes be scheduled? 

The Epic1 team reviewed BJC and WU new hire data and agency staff data to determine which classes would be offered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on an ad-hoc basis. This list is reviewed over time to account for changes in staffing trends. To reference a list of ad-hoc classes, please go to  


How do I register my team member for Virtual Training? 

You will register your team members through Saba.. The course description in Saba will include a link to the Virtual Classroom.  The virtual class links for Epic training are also available at  


I have a new team member who cannot attend any of the scheduled training classes. How can I reschedule training to a day this team member can attend? 

Epic new team member training is offered on a set, standard schedule.  If your team member is unable to attend a regularly scheduled class, our team will work with you to schedule training that your new team member can attend, as training resources allow.  Please email us at [email protected] with your team member’s full name, username, course name, start date, and three dates they are available for training so we can schedule their class(es).  


I have a new team member who needs a class not offered on the recurring schedule.  How can I schedule training for this team member? 

Please email us at [email protected] with your team member’s full name, username, course name(s), start date, and three dates they are available for training so we can schedule their class(es). 


I have a learner who will need visual or auditory assistance to attend class. What should I do? 

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have a learner who will need audio or visual assistance to be successful in our classes. 


 I have an team member who has successfully completed all required Epic training.  When will they have access to Epic? 

Team Members receive Epic by the end of the following business day after they complete all training requirements. Example: John Smith completes his curriculum requirements on Friday, 1/22. He would receive Epic PRD Hyperspace access no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, 1/25. 


I completed training, but didn't get access. What should I do? 

You can email us at to confirm your class completion. If you have completed all required training and still don't have Epic Access, please contact the BJC Helpdesk at 314-362-4700 or the WU Help Desk at 314-933-3333. 


I have an team member who has required e-learnings included in their Epic curriculum.  How do we ensure Saba marks them complete? 

In order to successfully complete e-learnings in Saba:  

  • Google Chrome web browser must be used  
    • (Using other browsers could mean you don't receive credit, even if it appears to be working) 
  • Pop-ups must be allowed on device 
  • E-learnings must be watched in their entirety (no fast-forwarding).   

Important Note:  E-learning completion may be lost if the user is not following all of these guidelines. 


Is it possible to reschedule Epic training in Saba? 

Yes!  In order to reschedule Epic training in Saba, you will first need to drop the current registration.  This will allow you to pick another class date and time.   

 Note:  Verify that the team member is still taking their classes in the correct order.  For example, Front Desk 101 must be taken prior to Front Desk 201. 


How do I know which order my team members should take their Epic classes?  

Classes numbered 101 should be completed before classes numbered 201, 201 before 301, and so on. Two or more classes at the same level (for example, Ambulatory Nurse 101 and Front Desk 101) can be taken in any order that you prefer.  


Help! I have another question. 

Email us at [email protected]