The Epic1 training team has worked with our partners at BJC and WU to develop a centralized Epic orientation that will provide consistent, high-quality education while efficiently using our resources.

The new employee orientation curricula provides a coordinated, standardized, timely, and high quality Epic training program to meet the needs of our new hires.
High-volume classes are offered on our Recurring NEO Schedule.

Classes not offered on a recurring basis, or Ad Hoc Classes, need to be requested by e-mailing us at [email protected].  Let us know who the learner is, what their BJCNT ID or WUSTL Key is, and the first day they will be available for training. We’ll work with you to get them scheduled.

All new employees needing access to Epic will need to have an Epic Job Role assigned in the Validation Portal, be registered for training in Saba, and complete all training to gain access to Epic. Once training is completed, access will be granted within one business day.

For more information on assigning Epic Job Roles, see our Validation Portal | Path to Access page.
Prior to class, students should click HERE for information on how to access the training environments that will be used for in-class practice.