Feature Release Information 

An Epic feature release is the process of moving from one version of Epic to a newer version of Epic. Just like your cell phone, the Epic system also needs to install periodic updates to ensure the system is operating at its best capacity. Each of these feature releases is named after the month and year in which the release became available. We are currently operating on the August 2021 version of Epic.   

BJC and WUSM are on Epic's quarterly feature release schedule. This schedule calls for us to install new releases, or updates, four times per year.    

Our most recent feature release took place on February 6, 2022.Therefore, the next feature release is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2022 when we move to the November 2021 version of Epic. As with all feature releases, a few days prior to its installation, some components of the system may not be available for the update to successfully install. Click here for details about the upcoming Feature Release on 5/15/22.  

2022 Epic Feature Release Dates  

February 6 

May 15 

August 28 

November 20