COVID-19 Epic1 Training Changes

Epic Access

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, users will receive temporary access for the Epic Job Role they are assigned in the Validation Portal, regardless of training completion.

Training Changes

As of Monday, April 13, 2020, Epic training will be available as demo-only presentations taken from any computer. This demo-only training will continue until Epic1 classroom training resumes.

  • Employees/contractors will not need to come to an Epic1 physical classroom location
  • Employees/contractors who attend the demo presentations will receive credit in Saba for class completion
  • Clinical users who are unable to attend the demo presentations can review the E-Learning lessons available in their curriculum, or use these instructions to review the COVID-19 curriculum bundles.

Registering for Epic Training

Employees/contractors should be assigned an Epic Job Role in the Validation Portal. This will send a curriculum update to Saba.

  • The registrar will choose a date and time for the courses in the Epic curriculum in Saba
  • Each course will have a link to the class
  • The employee/contractor will receive a calendar appointment from Saba with the link for their class. The class links are also available at
  • The links can be used to access the class presentation from any computer and learners are not require coming to a physical Epic1 classroom.
  • BJC Epic Training COVID-19 Registration Guide
  • WU Epic Training COVID-19 Registration Guide
  • Our Recurring Class Schedule shows when classes will be held through 2021. We have only made registration available for 3 weeks at a time until we understand how long we will need to offer our demo-only classes. 

On-Demand Training

Along with the live demo learners can watch, there are also e-learning lessons available in the Saba curriculum bundle.

  • These will help to familiarize users with Epic content before they participate in the live demo
  • These are also always available for learners in their completed curriculum after they attend class

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]