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Provider training in the use of Epic, the new electronic health record, is extensive and ongoing. BJC and Washington University team members have committed many hours to learn about Epic’s capabilities and pass that knowledge on to others.

November Provider Brief

Pod 1 Workflow Dress Rehearsals boost end user confidence

Epic1 Operational Change Analysis leads and Epic1 application analysts/PMs conducted Workflow Dress Rehearsals (WDR) with providers and clinical staff at BJSPH and PWH November 7 and 8, and at CH and AMH November 14 and 15. The Epic1 team reviewed scenario-based workflow scripts with end users to address high volume, complex integrated workflows with the goal of uncovering gaps ahead of Go-Live. WDR also provided, for example, the opportunity to review the blood product matching process for both lab and nursing, which greatly improved end-user confidence.

October 2017 Provider Brief

Epic Post-Live Update

After nearly five months since BJC Medical Group went live, CMIO Dr. Michele Thomas, MD noted that providers and staff are very pleased overall with Epic. “Seeing patient information from multiple sources is a big win. Despite the fact that BJC Medical Group went live first, we had an immediate increase in available patient data due to Care Everywhere bringing in data from other systems.

Provider Brief September 2017

Epic Post-Live Support

Read updates from BJC Medical Group and Boone Hospital Center.

Provider Brief August 2017

On August 5, Boone Hospital went live on Epic. Nearly 300 Epic1, leadership, and support staff relocated to the Command Center inside Boone Hospital in Columbia to track and route issues for nearly 1,650 clinical end users 24 hours a day. About 250 Super Users and 99 At-the-Elbow support personnel were on the floor with end users during peak volumes.

An Epic follow-up

In June, BJC TODAY visited Margaret Reiker, MD, at Internal Medicine Specialists at Missouri Baptist Medical Center during the BJC Medical Group go-live of the new electronic medical record system, Epic.

Provider Brief July, 2017 Part 2

Patient Date Exchange

Explore information on how patient data will flow using Epic. Through the use of EpicCare Link and Care Everywhere patient information can be viewed by other health care instituations.

Provider Brief July 2017 Part 1

BJC Medical Group Go-live Update

Go-Live updates, stats
On June 3, BJC Medical Group (BJCMG) went live on Epic. More than 200 Epic1, leadership, and support staff relocated to the Clayton Avenue Building (CAB) Command Center to track and route issues for nearly 2,600 end users. As of June 30, 92 percent of all incidents logged by the Epic Command Center since June 3 are closed or resolved. Clinics began resuming full patient volume starting week three. Top issues around MyChart (patient portal), InBasket management, lab workflow and build, as well as OnBase (scanning) continue to be monitored through dedicated SWAT teams and reported to BJC Medical Group leadership.

BJC Medical Group is live on Epic

BJC, BJC MEDICAL GROUP | Epic, BJC’s new electronic health record system, went live June 3 at BJC Medical Group.

Appointment conversion event marks one of last steps before Epic go-live

Six hundred participants from various BJC Medical Group practices, along with members of the BJC Medical Group management team and Epic1 (HIP) teams, spent the better part of the weekend of May 20-21 in activities related to moving appointments and pre-registrations to Epic. This was one of the final steps in preparing for the first go-live of the new electronic medical record.

May 2017 Provider Brief

BJCMG Go-Live Preparedness

Workflow Dress Rehearsals, a testing process where users walk through test scripts with test patients, occurs May 5 through May 19 for BJC Medical Group. These rehearsals allow users to practice using the system and the project team to solidify workflows and resolve outstanding issues prior to go-live.  Similarly, the Epic1 team completed Technical Dress Rehearsals (TDRs), or end-to-end testing of all workstations, peripherals, and printers that will be utilized with Epic. TDRs validate that these devices can access Epic and print to the appropriate printers. The goal of TDRs is to ensure devices are appropriately located and to minimize hardware and printing-related issues at go-live.

March 2017 Provider Brief

At the end of 2016, the HIP Team kicked-off the Operational Change Analysis process or OCA. The OCA helps participants understand the implications of the transition from current systems (TouchWorks, Compass, Kiddos, NextGen, and others) to Epic. The team has been working primarily with BJCMG and Boone Hospital Center because they are the first to go live, but are beginning to plan the approach for the rest of the BJC hospitals, WU Physicians, and BJC Home Care.

MyChart for Providers

MyChart is Epic’s patient portal. In June, myBJC users who see BJC Medical Group providers will receive information about this new patient portal. MyChart will have many of the same functionalities as myBJC, plus some upgraded features. It gives patients convenient and secure access to their medical records and will replace myBJC.

MyChart Questions and Answers for Providers and Staff

Get answers on questions about MyChart.

February 2017 Provider Brief

Timeline Update

BJC Medical Group (BJCMG) has decided to adjust its scheduled implementation. The new go-live schedule is as follows:
• Saturday, June 3: Limited go-live on Epic for a small number of practices
• Monday, June 5: Formal Epic go-live for rest of practices
This decision was made in consultation with our Epic partners and lessons from other go-live sites, and with careful consideration for all BJCMG practices, physicians and patients. The limited go-live on Saturday will allow the HIP and Epic teams to focus on resolving any issues that arise. It will also enable providers to gain familiarity with the system while patient volumes are reduced.

MyChart Questions and answers for Ambulatory Providers and Staff

MyChart Questions and Answers for Hospital Providers and Staff

Patient Portals Comparison of Features

March 2018 Provider Brief

Pod 2 Hospitals and BJC Home Care Services are Live on Epic

Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Parkland Health Center, and BJC Home Care Services went live on Epic on Feb. 3. The Epic1 project team and leadership provided 24/7 support from the Clayton Avenue Building (CAB) Command Center through March 2. More than 1,100 Super Users and At-the-Elbow staff assisted end users with on-site issue resolution. In addition to the Command Center, a control center at each facility offered hospital and Epic1 project leadership a central huddle space to troubleshoot Go-Live issues.

2017 State of the Program

2017 saw the launch of the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) at BJC Medical Group, Boone Hospital Center, Alton Memorial Hospital, Christian Hospital, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, and Progress West Hospital. These Go-Live events mark the half-way point of implementation. 2018 will see Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Parkland Health Center, BJC Home Care Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, St. Louis Children's Hospital and Washington University Physicians go live on Epic, and both Memorial Hospitals and Medical Group in early 2019.

January 2018 Part 1

Pod 1 Go-Live Recap

Alton Memorial Hospital, Barnes-Jewish St. Peter’s Hospital, Christian Hospital, and Progress West Hospital went live on Epic on December 2. The Epic1 project team and leadership provided 24/7 support from the Clayton Avenue Building (CAB) Command Center through December 15. More than 700 Super Users and At-The-Elbow staff assisted end users with on-site issue resolution. In addition to the Command Center, a control center at each facility offered hospital and Epic1 project leadership a central huddle space to monitor and troubleshoot Go-Live issues. While the Epic1 team has transitioned to post-Live support, select application team members will remain at the Command Center to triage top issues.



The Road to Epic - 2016 State of the Program for Providers

During 2016, the Epic Program Team transitioned from building to testing our Epic system.  Hours of designing, with future state workflows in mind, have transitioned into extensive testing to ensure large and small components of the system work as intended prior to use.


Wave 3 Inpatient Order Set Review Sessions - Wave 3 Order Set review sessions have been scheduled. The schedule can be found below and on the program website. Based on attendance at the Wave 1 and Wave 2 sessions, Wave 3 sessions have been consolidated to a single location on the academic campus. Providers who cannot attend in person are encouraged to utilize the WebEx information provided in the schedule.

The Critical Role of a Provider Educator

Who better to train providers in the use of the Epic electronic health record than their fellow providers?


Ambulatory Content Reviews - The Ambulatory team is preparing for ambulatory content review sessions, which will take place beginning in October and run through February 2017. These sessions will focus attention on writing notes and placing orders in the ambulatory setting, basic office workflows, and other clinical content that is being incorporated into the outpatient module of Epic. The schedule of reviews and additional information can be found on the HIP Epic website. We hope you are able to attend the session for your specialty.


Transition to Testing - We are moving from the build to the test phase of the Epic Program. Hours of designing workflows and other aspects of the system now require testing. So called “Application” and “Integrated” testing allows the team to ensure large and small components of the system work as intended prior to use. While much work is yet to be done, this is an important milestone and is the final stage prior to training users and then activating the system at go-live.


Wave 2 Inpatient Order Set Review - The inpatient clinical content build team has finalized the second wave of order sets and has scheduled times for review.


This monthly brief is published to promote awareness among our clinicians of the progress and specific features of the Epic implementation. Outside of the items in this brief, please feel free to contact our Epic Program team at [email protected] for any questions or additional information.

Physician Brief May 2016

All inpatient providers are invited to be a part of the inpatient order set review process. The inpatient build team, in conjunction with a dedicated cadre of BJC and WUSM physicians, has been working to develop the core inpatient order sets for use within Epic.  The order sets being reviewed at the end of May and the beginning of June are among the first of five inpatient waves that will be built and reviewed before the Epic go live.

Physician Brief - April 2016

BJC and WUSM selected Epic as the new EHR in part because of the integration it provides across nearly every area of care. We are implementing the Epic Foundation system with enhancements built specifically for our health care community.

Physicians, clinicians are part of an 'epic' build BJC TODAY, April 4, 2016

As the Epic electronic health record (EHR) is implemented at BJC and Washington University School of Medicine, having the appropriate clinical content is crucial to making the system work.

Physician Brief - March 2016

The new Epic system will be implemented across BJC and WUSM in a series of “go-lives” starting in June 2017. While the exact details of each go-live are still in development, the sequence of go-live sites has been confirmed.

Physician Brief - Inaugural Edition

Monthly Epic publication with information geared toward a provider audience - topics: Timeline, Governance, Clinical Content