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Provider Program News & Updates

Below is a listing of imporant updates for end users. Please bookmark this page as the information changes weekly. NOTE: This information is restricted to end users with BJC NT/ID or WUSM WUSTL Key access.

Pediatric Neurology Providers who use GMFCS Growth Charts

Cerebral Palsy GMFCS (Gross Motor Function Classification System) Growth Charts Available Beginning June 12

Providers, Ambulatory

Update to Ambulatory Physician Teaching Attestations

All Providers, New Residents 

Discharge Process for Multiple Providers

All Providers 

Ensure the Correct Drug Screens are Included on Your Preference Lists

All Providers 

New Opioid Fact Sheet Will be Included in the AVS

All Providers 

Imaging Order in Treatment Plans

All Providers 

Ambulatory Provider Access to OR Schedule Explorer

All Providers 

Dose Guidelines and Dosage Text Prompts Added to the NS 0.9% Enema Order for Pediatric Patients

All Providers 

Users Now Have Access to Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Information in Epic

All Providers 

Epic Drug Cost Indicator

All Providers 

Epic 2018 Upgrade Training Overview

All Providers

Action Needed: SmartLinks are Pulling Incomplete Lab Results

Providers, OR/GI Schedulers and Users

Changes to the Implementation Date for Enhancements to Case Request Orders | Jan. 23, 2019

M*Modal Users, Providers

Update: Onoing M*Modal Lag Issues - Resolution Piloting Successes and Tips & Tricks

Home Health Field Clinicians 

Workflow Update: OASIS & Non-OASIS Contacts

All Providers

Provider Brief December, 2018 Vol. 1

All Providers

Update: Interface Optimization

Ambulatory Providers

Outpatient Prep for Case Lumbar Puncture Diagnositic/Chemo Order Sets

All Epic Users

Keeping Your Epic Login Active

All Ambulatory Users

Rx Request Issue for MA/RN When Using NP as Authorizing Provider

Ambulatory Providers

Suggested Level Of Service for Face-to-Face Visits

Provider News Archive