‘LIVE with Liz and Todd’ Series Returning to E1E Readiness Focus

In preparation for the April 23, 2022, Epic1 Enterprise (E1E) Wave 2 go-live at all Academic HSOs (Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital), LIVE with Liz and Todd (LWLAT) is returning with a weekly series of E1E Wave 2-specific topics next month.

Previously, the regular LIVE with Liz and Todd (LWLAT) monthly show had begun a weekly series of E1E Wave 2-specific topics last November. Combined with the revised April 23, 2022, date for E1E Wave 2 Go-Live, and the COVID-19 surge, the show paused its E1E topics. The remaining E1E Academic-focused LWLAT sessions will resume on Tuesday, March 1. For details on ways to watch, click here.

Note: This information is only available to end users who are on the BJC NT/ID or WUSM WUSTL key access networks or are connected to the VPN.

The remaining LWLAT sessions for 2022 have been rescheduled as follows:

E1E-related topics covered last November and December are:


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