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Jennifer Durbin, Nurse Director of Acute and Critical Care

Jennifer Durbin, Nurse Director of Acute and Critical Care at Memorial Belleville, serves as the Inpatient Team CTL (Core Team Lead) for the Epic implementation. Jennifer has been at BJC for 24 years; she started as a PCT then transitioned to New Grad Nurse. After serving as Nurse Manager for 5 years, Jennifer joined CIS (Clinical Informatics) as Memorial began building and implementing Meditech, the current EMR. She then transitioned back to management of 2 Inpatient Nursing Units before her current role of Nurse Director. Jennifer is excited to implement Epic and the integration with other HSOs, allowing information sharing to improve our patient experience.


Ryan Birk, Director of Pharmacy

Ryan Birk, Director of Pharmacy at Memorial for over six years, serves as the Willow OTL (Operational Team Lead) for the Epic implementation.  Before joining BJC, Ryan completed post-graduate year one and two residencies at the University of Kansas Health System in pharmacy health system administration.  When joining BJC, he had the pleasure of helping open Memorial Hospital Shiloh, as the Pharmacy Manager.  Since then, Ryan transitioned into the Director of Pharmacy role across Memorial locations.  Ryan is most excited about how Epic will allow our pharmacy team to expand their support of patient outcomes and experiences through care integration.


Mick Alexander, Manager of Patient Access

Mick Alexander, Patient Access Manger at Memorial, has over a decade of experience and leadership.  She has worked on E1E readiness activities in anticipation of the Epic system.







Terri Halloran, Chief Nursing Officer 

Terri Halloran Chief Nursing Officer at Memorial, has decades of experience and leadership in Nursing.  She serves as the Memorial Site Sponsor for the Epic1 Enterprise (E1E) Program. 





Randy Freeman, MD, Chief Medical Officer 

Dr. Freeman is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Memorial and has been with the hospital since 1991 as an anesthesiologist, up until July of 2020, when he transitioned into the CMO role in August 2020.  Dr. Freeman previously worked as a civil engineer for eight years prior to going to medical school.  In the past he has experienced the difficulties of working with limited access to electronic medical records (EMRs) and having to use paper anesthesia records.  For the Epic1 Enterprise Program (E1E) he provides support as a physician leader for Memorial, partnering with Dr. Maria Scarbrough (Assistant Director of the Emergency Department at Belleville and Shiloh Memorial Hospitals).   Dr. Freeman states he is “most excited about 1) no longer being on an island (Meditech), 2) the Epic Care Link feature which will allow our community providers access, and 3) Epic’s Care Everywhere which hopefully will allow our providers better historical information about patients new to Memorial.” 


Allison Myers, Director of Revenue Management Insurance 

Allison Myers is the BJC Director Revenue Management Insurance across all BJC Hospitals. Prior to this role Allison was solely focused on Memorial, but she will continue to lead the Memorial Epic go-live. Allison has worked at BJC for a total of 25 years and is a Revenue Cycle leader with experience in all aspects of billing and follow-up. She serves as Project Liaison between Memorial Hospital operations and all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management. 

Allison is the Hospital Billing Core Team Lead for the E1E Program, leading the successful go-live of patient access, scheduling, HIM, hospital and long-term care billing/follow-up, cash posting, and customer service. Allison states “I am excited that E1E will be the first complete clinical and financial go live for Memorial Hospital for the benefit of our patient population. One patient one record.” 


Maria Scarbrough, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician  

Maria Scarbrough, MD is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Assistant Director of the Emergency Department at Belleville and Shiloh Memorial Hospitals.  She has three years of experience with BJC and eight years at Memorial.  Dr. Scarbrough began her career in medicine at Memorial as a tech before medical school and was very excited to come back to work at the hospital and serve the local community.  She serves as a Physician Champion of the Epic1 Enterprise (E1E) program and as the E1E Provider Readiness Team Lead for Memorial.  Dr. Scarbrough is looking forward to the Epic system because it will allow for more efficient documentation.  It will help to provide better patient care because it will allow access to patients’ previous medical records at different hospitals. 


Susan Stubblefield, Laboratory Administrative Director 

Susan Stubblefield [MT(ASCP), MHA] is the Laboratory Administrative Director at both Memorial Hospital Laboratories and Siteman Lab. She has been with Memorial since 1988 and with BJC since Memorial joined BJC in 2015/2016.  Susan has been the Laboratory Administrative Director since June 2016 supporting both laboratories through the infancy of a two-hospital system and the joining of BJC.  Another major laboratory accomplishment has been the successful opening of another Memorial/BJC laboratory located at the Shiloh Siteman Cancer Center.  

Susan’s role in the E1E program is to ensure that our Laboratories are ready for go live on 6/5/2021.  The Laboratory will be utilizing Cerner software that will communicate with the Epic platform. Susan states, “I am most excited about finally being on the same platforms as the rest of BJC. It is hard to feel like we are one system when we are currently separated by different software systems.  Being on the Epic, Cerner, and other third-party supporting systems will allow us to truly integrate with our sister BJC hospitals.”