E1E Roadshow Patient Movement Day Information Packet

Patient Movement Guide

Main Presentation Recording

Roadshow Patient Movement Main Presentation

Breakout Presentation Recordings

Admission, Discharge, Transfers Orders Grand Central   Hospital Billing Financial Assistance
ASAP   Hospital Billing Payment Posting
Beacon Radiation Oncology Research 7 am   Hospital Billing Pre-Billing Edits
Beacon Radiation Oncology Research 3 pm   Hospital Billing Revenue Cycle Overview 7 am
Bed Planners Patient Movement Grand Central 8 am   Hospital Billing Revenue Cycle Overview 11 am
Bed Planners Patient Movement Grand Central 3 pm   MyChart Patient Portal 7 am
Cadence (HOD)   MyChart Patient Portal 3 pm
Case Management   OpTime OR GI
ClinDoc   Prelude Patient Estimates
ClinDoc Rehab   Prelude Registration 7 am
Cogito 11 am   Prelude Registration 11 am
Cogito 3 pm   Prelude Registration 4 pm
Cupid   Radiant Interventional Radiology
Environmental Services Grand Central   Radiology Transporters Grand Central
HIM OnBase   Stork
Hospital Billing Charge Review and Charge Validation   Training
Hospital Billing Claims Processing and Edits   Willow
Hospital Billing Denial Management

Breakout PowerPoint Presentations

ASAP Patient Movement

Charge Review and Validation

Cogito Analytics

Hospital Billing Patient Estimates

Hospital Billing Pre-Billing Edits

Hospital Billing Roadshow Revenue Cycle Overview

What's Changing and What's Not Changing in Cupid

What's Changing and Limited Workflows in Willow