Super User Program

What makes a "Super User Super"?

Qualities of the Ideal Super User

Willingness to Participate

  • Commit to supporting activities associated with the Super User role while balancing existing job related duties

Respect of Peers

  • Approachable, knowledgeable, and responsible members of the staff
  • Have the respect of peers within the department
  • The best super user candidates act as a role model and mentor

Knowledge of Workflows

  • Demonstrates in-depth understanding of department workflows
  • Promotes positive attitude about the implementation of Epic and its functionality

Clarity of Communication

  • Act as representative of the department to communicate concerns/questions/feedback

Super User Roles and Responsibilities

Super Users will commit to approximately 200 hours of support in their role. This includes onboarding, training, and staff support during training and go -live. Some Super Users will assist in application testing process (TBD). This investment of time will vary based upon the role.

Onboarding and Super User Training (36 hours over 24 weeks*)

  • Attend super user meetings
  • Learn the Epic system and future state workflows

End User Training (24 hours over 8 weeks*)

  • Support training team in the delivery of end-user training courses

Pre Go-Live Preparation Activities (10 hours over 2 weeks*)

  • Assist with pre go-live readiness

Go-Live Support (120 hours over 4 weeks*)

  • Provide workflow and application support for end-users

Post Go-Live Support and Optimization (TBD)

  • Participate in ongoing end user support, training, and system optimization.

*Hours per week are approximate

A key driver of success for the Epic Program implementation is ensuring that our staff and providers have the right support to transition to the future state after go-live. The Epic Super User Program brings us one step closer in achieving this goal. The program will select and engage members within each facility to serve as peer level endorsers of Epic.   Find out more about the role of Super Users within the Epic Program and how you can get involved.