BJCMG Memorial Region Go-Live

The BJC Medical Group Memorial Region Go-Live is scheduled for March 30, 2019.

Memorial Region Epic Training Timeline

Memorial Region Epic Registration Opens in December

Managers will register team members for training using Saba, BJC’s Online Learning Center.

Epic eLearning Guides

Epic Training FQAs

  1. When does training start?
    1. Super User training begins on Feb. 4, 2019
    2. End User training begins on Feb. 11, 2019
    3. Provider Personalization Labs begin on Feb. 25, 2019
  2. Is Epic training required?
    1. Yes, in order to receive access to Epic all required Epic training must be completed
  3. Are meals served at Epic training classes?
    1. For Provider classes, a meal and drink are provided
    2. For non-providers, any class over 5.5 hours will receive a lunch ticket equal to $6.00 for the BLI Cafe
    3. Food and beverage vending machines are available in the BLI Annex
    4. Coffee and water are available in the BLI Annex
  4. Directions and Parking
    1. Directions to the BLI Annex are available on the website here
  5. Inclement weather
    1. Classes will be held as scheduled unless you receive an email from