Washington University's WorkDay/MyDay Changes

What is WorkDay/MyDay?

MyDay is about developing new ways to use and manage the data needed to run our complex organization. Through this multi-year program, we will replace aging administrative systems and establish consistent processes across the university, giving our people easier access to information to make strategic decisions and further supporting the important contributions they make each day to the university. You can learn more about the MyDay project here.

How will the WorkDay/MyDay implementation impact Epic training and access?

Because of the HR system blackout employees with a start date of July 2 or after are not being entered in WorkDay until July 2. This means there are employees your department is hiring  which the Epic1 training team doesn’t know are coming or what types of training they will need.


  • Any employees hired prior to June 11 with a start date of July 1 or earlier were entered in HRMS and will appear in the Epic Validation Portal as normal to be assigned an Epic Job Role.
    • As normal when a security contact assigns/approves a role this assigns training for that employee in Saba.
    • As normal your department's training coordinators or the employees themselves can register for Epic classes.


  • Any employee hired after June 11 with a start date July 2 or after were NOT be entered in HRMS. They must be manually entered in WorkDay on or after July 2 when WorkDay will be open for data entry.


  • What we need you to do - If your department is hiring an employee whose start date is July 2-16, fill out the Epic1 form https://forms.office.com/r/qTg1PaxLXC.
    • If you are an Epic Security contact, you can also access this form from the Epic Validation Portal Help Menu


  • The person who completes the form will receive:
    • An immediate confirmation e-mail
  • An e-mail one week prior to the employee's start date that will list:
    • All Epic class dates and times for the following 2 weeks and the associated links to join each class
    • Contact information if there are questions about which classes the new employee needs to take


  • The person who completes the form will be expected to:
    • Determine which classes from the full list of classes the employee needs to attend
    • Send a list of the appropriate class dates/times (with links) to their new employees to be able to join class


  • After (or in tandem with) classes, the following series of events can occur:
    • Department HR Contacts will enter the employee in WorkDay
      • (to avoid Epic access delays, urge your HR Contacts to enter new hires starting the first 2 weeks of July on or as close to July 2 as possible)
  • The employee will create a WUSTLKey
  • The employee's record will be fed to the Epic Validation Portal
  • The Security Contacts will assign/approve the Epic Job Role
  • The employee's record will be fed to Saba
  • The Epic1 training team will match the employee's record to our attendance record
  • The employee will receive Epic access


The Epic1 teams plans to use this process for the first ~2 weeks following the WorkDay go-live. If additional time is needed to have new employees entered in WorkDay Epic1 will extent this interim processing.