Operational Change Analysis (OCA) sessions are an opportunity for key staff and facility leaders to meet with the Epic1 team to review Epic workflows through live demonstrations. This process allows teams to identify the process, policy, people and technology differences between current and future state workflows. To view a recording of the OCA sessions, please click on the links below.


Links to OCA Session Recordings:


Ambulatory- Outpatient Rehab

Grand Central- Environmental Services

Long Term Care


Grand Central- Registration/Scheduling

OpTime Peri-Op 1


Hospital Billing- Revenue Cycle Edits

OpTime Peri-Op 2

Beacon- Inpatient Oncology

Hospital Billing- Self Pay

Pain Management

Beacon- Radiation Oncology

Hospital Billing- Clinical Denial Management

Phases of Care –Signed & Held Orders

Cadence (Scheduling)

Hospital Billing- Coverage

Radiant CT/US with Specimen Collection

ClinDoc- Respiratory Therapy

Hospital Billing- Denial Management

Radiant Diagnostic Imaging/Fluoroscopy

ClinDoc- Unit Secretary/PCT


Radiant Mammography Tech

ClinDoc- Nursing

Lab Session 1

Radiant MRI

ClinDoc – PT/OT/SLP

Lab Session 2

Radiant Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Case Management


Radiant Vascular Lab

Cupid- Invasive Cardiology



Cupid- Invasive Cardiology Follow-up

Provider- OB

Stork (OB)

Cupid- Non-invasive Cardiology

Provider- Pulmonary/GI

Willow (Pharmacy)

Grand Central-Transport

Provider- Surgical


Grand Central- Bed Planning

Lab Registration