Program News & Updates Archive

BJC/WUSM Managers

Epic 2018 Upgrade Training Overview

BJCMG Non-Clinical Staff

Updates to MSPQ Catch Incorrect Filing Order and Missing Fields

Home Health and Hospice Staff

Workflow Review- Provider Not In System

Home Health Users

Remote Client Update

All Epic Users

Epic Bulletin December 2018

Ambulatory Users

Expected Date for Lab Orders

Enterprise-wide Haiku/Canto Users

Preparing for the Epic Upgrade: Haiku/Canto Users Keep Your Apps Updated

HIM, Inpatient and Ambulatory Users

Discontinuing Unused Wound Care Document Descriptions

Home Care - Field Staff

How to Delete When the Wrong Contact Is Opened

Inpatient NICU nurses, Therapy Services, ED end users, Inpatient Hospital Managers

Several Epic Classroom Trainings Transition to eLearnings

BJC/WUSM Managers

Starting Jan. 20, 2019 Employees Will Begin Training in 2018 Version of Epic

M*Modal Users

Update: Ongoing M*Modal Lag Issues - Resolution Piloting Successes and Tips & Tricks

Home Health Field Users

Known Issue: Medication Administration Form on Remote Client

All Epic Users

Keeping Your Epic Login Active

BJC People Managers

Updates to the Epic Validation Portal Coming This December

Ambulatory Users

Standardizing AVS Across Ambulatory Departments

All Ambulatory Users

Rx Request Issue for MA/RN When Using NP as Authorizing Provider

Intake staff, Home Care supervisors

Episode Type and Team Assignment Required within Home Health Intake and Hospice Intake

Home Care & Hospice Users

Epic Remote Client Update Available for Immediate Install

BJCMG Non-clinical staff, Registration, Front Desk, Patient Access

Preventing Processing Referrals Generated from Results Scanning

IP/AMB provider practices, PAT clinics, OR users, Nursing, HIM, Patient Access

How to Scan Procedure/Surgery and Transfusion Consent Forms into Epic via Media

All Epic Users

Epic Bulletin November 2018

Ambulatory Providers and clinical staff

Be Sure to Create a Refill Quick Encounter in Clinic Departments

BJC/WUSM Providers

Updated: Setting Up a Shared Haiku/Canto Device

BJCMG Non-clinical Staff

Clearer Retirement Information in the MSPQ

BJCMG Non-clinical Staff

Correcting Blue Cross Blue Shield Mismatches

CIS, Clinical Educators, Trainers

Epic Sandbox Decommissioned for Permanent Upgrade Pathway

BJC/WUSM Managers

Holiday Schedule For New Employee Epic Training

BJC Employees Impacted by the ID Conversion

Users Impacted by the BJC Employee ID Conversion May Have Periods of Intermittent Epic Access

Home Health Nurses, Therapists, and Supervisors

Date of Referral

Ambulatory and Inpatient Managers 

Adding Referring Providers to Epic

Home Health & Hospice Field Clinicians 

Medication Administration Form May Not Display Product Details Properly

Therapist and Nurse Users in Inpatient Rehab Units (excluding SLCH)

Updated Functional Improvement Measures (FIM) for Inpatient Rehab Unit Users

BJCMG Non-Clinical Staff, Revenue Cycle, Front Desk

Documenting Patient Preferred Name for BJCMG

BJCMG Non-Clinical Users

BJCMG Documenting Patient Communication Preferences

All Epic Users

Starting Nov. 5 Epic Moves to One Change Window Per Week

Inpatient Nursing, Providers, Clinical staff, Patient Access, Scheduling

Documenting Preferred Patient Name

All M*Modal Users

M*Modal Logon on BJC Generic Workstations

Non-Clinical Staff

Routing Referrals in Epic to Pain Management Departments

All End Users

Epic Bulletin October 2018

Inpatient: Pharmacy, Providers, Nurses, Residents

BJC Inpatient Influenza Vaccines in Epic

Inpatient: Pharmacy, Providers, Clinical Staff; Ambulatory: Front Desk, Providers, Clinical Staff

Shop N Save Pharmacy Changes

OR/GI schedulers and users

Upcoming enhancements to case request orders

BJCMG Front Desk Staff, Non-clinical Staff

Working the duplicate patient coverage workqueue

Inpatient and Ambulatory Non-clinical staff, Patient Access, Front Desk, Schedulers

Reinstating a Cancelled Order

Inpatient Pharmacists

Order Validation Alert - Cefepime, Piperacillin/tazobactam, Meropenem

Inpatient HOD/Patient Access, schedulers, Ambulatory Front Desk, non-clinical staff at AMH, BJCMG, BJH, BJSPH, BJWCH, BCH, CH, MBMC, MBSH, PHC, PW

eCheck-in Through MyChart

BJCMG Clinical Staff

Temporary Workaround for TDAP and HPV Immunizations for Medicaid Payor

Ambulatory Support Staff, Managers

Outside Messages via Care Everywhere will Route to Clinical Staff Pools

Radiology Front Desk, Patient Access, HIM users

Radiology Order Mode Break-Fix Resolved for Radiology Front Desk and HIM Users

Inpatient/Ambulatory impacting. Managers, HIM, Patient Access, Front Desk

Batch Scanning Training Moving to eLearning for New Hires

Inpatient Users

How to Assign Patient Status and Patient Header

HOD Oncology and Infustion Nurse Coordinators and referral specialists, Clinical staff, non clinical staff @ AMH, BJH, BJSPH, BJWCH, BHC, CH, MBMC, MBSH, PHC, PW

How to Process Medication Referrals for Authorization

Ambulatory Providers and Staff, BJCMG Access Center

Medication Refill Request InBasket Messages Sent to Incorrect Department

All End Users

MyChart Activation and Proxy Process

Ambulatory and Outpatient Support Staff

Defaulting of Authorizing Provider for Outpatient Orders Updated for Outpatient Support Staff

All End Users

Hyperspace Accessibility for Low-Vision Users

Ambulatory/Outpatient Providers, MAs, Nurses, Lab Techs

Reprint Requisitions and Specimen Labels from Order Review

Inpatient and Ambulatory providers and support staff entering or transcribing orders

Routing Referrals for Therapies (PT, OT, SLP) and Audiology

All End Users

Epic Benefits Potential Study Participants

All End Users

Epic Bulletin September 2018

Inpatient and Ambulatory providers and support staff entering or transcribing orders

Routing Referrals for Therapies (PT, OT, SLP) and Audiology

Inpatient Nursing

Updates to LDA Flowsheet Rows

BJCMG Front Desk, Schedulers, Referral Coordinators

BJCMG Referral Authorization Update: Gold Advantage – Work Queue Impact

Inpatient Nursing

Reduced Training Hours for Inpatient Nursing New Hires

All End Users

Reductions to Epic Change Windows

All End Users

Epic Hyperspace Timeout Periods – Extensions!

All End Users is your go-to for Epic support information

Ambulatory Pediatric Providers, Pediatricians

Updated Display Name Within the AMB PEDS BW PROCDOC Procedure Preference List

Inpatient Nursing

Non-Violent Restraint Type “Side Rails Up” Updated to “4 Side Rails Up”

Inpatient Nurses, Providers, Residents, Pharmacists

HIGH IMPACT: BJC Influenza Vaccine Screening 2018-2019

BJCMG front desk, non-clinical staff, BJCMG Revenue Cycle

Entering a Referring Provider

All End Users

Only Use Epic SRO during Epic Downtimes

BJCMG Schedulers

Patient Scheduling Preference Fields Updated

Provider, Inpatient Nursing, Pharmacists (except for Alton Memorial Hospital

Revised Heparin Subsequent Bolus Orders On Adult HEM Therapeutic Heparin Protocol Orders


Smartphones Charging in VDI USB Ports Causes M*Modal Olympus Microphone Outages

Inpatient Nurse

Reminder: Discontinue Equipment Orders When Equipment is No Longer in Use

Ambulatory Providers

ICD-10 Codes Added to Ambulatory Core Visit Note templates

Inpatient Providers

REMINDER – Choose Portable When the X-Ray is Bedside

Ambulatory Providers, Clinical Staff

See Comments with a New System-level SmartLink for Patient Medical History

Inpatient and Ambulatory Providers

Provider Login Departments

All End Users

August 2018 Epic Bulletin

All End Users  

Epic academic go-live was BJC’s largest yet

Users who used the Hyperspace Report Library, Infection Control users

Reporting Library Responsiveness Update

Research Nurses, Research Coordinators, Inpatient Clinicians

Research Columns Added as Options in Patient Lists Activity


Claim Address Error

All End Users

New “Me+” Filter in the Notes Tab of Chart Review

BJC Managers (non-WUSM)

New Features in the Epic Validation Portal Coming This Month

Nursing Staff (Inpatient, OR[OpTime], ED [ASAP])

Vascular Access: CVC LDA’s Updated

All End Users

Prefix Added to Pending and Sun-setting Department Names

CIS, Nursing Education/Leadership, Nurses, Providers

New Option to Transfuse Orders for Blood Transported in Coolers or Blood Previously Obtained

All End Users  

The Epic Bulletin - July 2018


It's been an Epic year for BJC Medical Group

Practices, hospital outpatient clinics, patient access, Front Desk staff

Inactivation of MyChart Accounts for Adolescent Patients

BJC People Managers

Epic Non-provider Virtual Training FAQs

Academic/FPP Resident and Attending Provider

Cosign/Attest Medical Student Notes

Inpatient Provider

Transfer Orders will no longer auto-complete