Program News & Updates

Below is a listing of imporant updates for end users. Please bookmark this page as the information changes weekly.

NOTE: This information is restricted to end users with BJC NT/ID or WUSM WUSTL Key access.


Inpatient and Ambulatory Non-clinical staff, Patient Access, Front Desk, Schedulers

Reinstating a Cancelled Order

Inpatient Pharmacists

Order Validation Alert - Cefepime, Piperacillin/tazobactam, Meropenem

Inpatient HOD/Patient Access, schedulers, Ambulatory Front Desk, non-clinical staff at AMH, BJCMG, BJH, BJSPH, BJWCH, BCH, CH, MBMC, MBSH, PHC, PW

eCheck-in Through MyChart

BJCMG Clinical Staff

Temporary Workaround for TDAP and HPV Immunizations for Medicaid Payor

Ambulatory Support Staff, Managers

Outside Messages via Care Everywhere will Route to Clinical Staff Pools

Radiology Front Desk, Patient Access, HIM users

Radiology Order Mode Break-Fix Resolved for Radiology Front Desk and HIM Users

Inpatient/Ambulatory impacting. Managers, HIM, Patient Access, Front Desk

Batch Scanning Training Moving to eLearning for New Hires

Inpatient Users

How to Assign Patient Status and Patient Header

HOD Oncology and Infustion Nurse Coordinators and referral specialists, Clinical staff, non clinical staff @ AMH, BJH, BJSPH, BJWCH, BHC, CH, MBMC, MBSH, PHC, PW

How to Process Medication Referrals for Authorization

Ambulatory Providers and Staff, BJCMG Access Center

Medication Refill Request InBasket Messages Sent to Incorrect Department

All End Users

MyChart Activation and Proxy Process

Ambulatory and Outpatient Support Staff

Defaulting of Authorizing Provider for Outpatient Orders Updated for Outpatient Support Staff

All End Users

Hyperspace Accessibility for Low-Vision Users

Ambulatory/Outpatient Providers, MAs, Nurses, Lab Techs

Reprint Requisitions and Specimen Labels from Order Review

Inpatient and Ambulatory providers and support staff entering or transcribing orders

Routing Referrals for Therapies (PT, OT, SLP) and Audiology

All End Users

Epic Benefits Potential Study Participants

All End Users

Epic Bulletin September 2018

Inpatient and Ambulatory providers and support staff entering or transcribing orders

Routing Referrals for Therapies (PT, OT, SLP) and Audiology

Inpatient Nursing

Updates to LDA Flowsheet Rows

BJCMG Front Desk, Schedulers, Referral Coordinators

BJCMG Referral Authorization Update: Gold Advantage – Work Queue Impact

Inpatient Nursing

Reduced Training Hours for Inpatient Nursing New Hires

All End Users

Reductions to Epic Change Windows

All End Users

Epic Hyperspace Timeout Periods – Extensions!

Epic1 News & Updates Archive

Important Epic Dates

Oct. 21 IT Outages Impacting Epic

iConnect (Web Viewer) will be down from 12:30-2:30 a.m.. Epic users select the Expanded Viewer to view images.

PHC: Cerner will be down from 12:30-3:30 a.m.. Lab orders will not transmit from Epic to Cerner and blood product message could be impacted. PHC staff must use manual dual sign-off for transfusion blood products if scanning fails.

Nov. 4 Fall Time Change - Turn Clock Back One Hour
Nov. 18 Scheduled Epic Maintenance (Downtime) 12:30-2:00 a.m.