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2017 State of the Program

2017 saw the launch of the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) at BJC Medical Group, Boone Hospital Center, Alton Memorial Hospital, Christian Hospital, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, and Progress West Hospital. These Go-Live events mark the half-way point of implementation. 2018 will see Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, Parkland Health Center, BJC Home Care Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, St. Louis Children's Hospital and Washington University Physicians go live on Epic, and both Memorial Hospitals and Medical Group in early 2019.


Prior Publications

Epic provider training — Specialists Training Specialists

Provider training in the use of Epic, the new electronic health record, is extensive and ongoing. BJC and Washington University team members have committed many hours to learn about Epic’s capabilities and pass that knowledge on to others.

The Epic Bulletin – October 2017

Epic Post-Live Update

BJC Medical Group completed the Epic post-live visit while project physician leaders have been onsite at Boone weekly for the past three weeks, with two more visits scheduled. Physicians are meeting with group and specialty leaders to understand first-hand any ongoing barriers and to prioritize work at the build level for continued improvement.

An Epic peek at Pod 1 prep

The first of three groups of BJC hospitals will go live on Epic, the electronic health record, Dec. 2. 

The Epic Bulletin September 2017

Boone Hospital leader reflects on Epic Go-Live

Boone Hospital Center went live on Epic on August 5. Nearly 300 Epic1, leadership, and support staff relocated to Columbia, Mo. to the Command Center inside the hospital. There they tracked and routed issues for nearly 2,267 end users 24 hours a day.

Epic goes live at Boone Hospital Center

Nick Bene, Epic1 project manager, compares the BJC Medical Group go-live in June of this year to “party planning on steroids.” He says the Epic go-live at Boone Hospital Center that began Aug. 5 was “like taking your home and moving it two hours away.”

An Epic follow-up

In June, BJC TODAY visited Margaret Reiker, MD, at Internal Medicine Specialists at Missouri Baptist Medical Center during the BJC Medical Group go-live of the new electronic medical record system, Epic.

Want more info about Epic?

As the Epic1 team ramps up Epic implementations across BJC and Washington University School of Medicine, one of the best Epic information sources for employees is http://epic1.org (formerly hipepicinfo.org).

The Epic Bulletin July 2017

Message from the Epic Program Management Office

This month marks an important milestone―the first Epic Go-Live took place across BJC Medical Group offices and throughout BJC lab facilities.  While the process was long, it was well worth it and brings us one step closer to a standardized health system providing world class care to our patients. We’d like to congratulate BJC Medical Group for a successful go-live.

Inside the Epic go-live command center

“I like to think of it as party planning on steroids,” says Nicholas Bene, Epic1 project manager. Bene was referring to BJC’s first Epic electronic health record (EHR) go-live that began June 3 for BJC Medical Group.

Our Epic journey continues

Do you remember what you were doing in January of 2014? 

I do. We were beginning the process to select a common electronic health record (EHR) system for BJC and Washington University Faculty Practice Plan.

BJC, BJC MEDICAL GROUP | Epic, BJC’s new electronic health record system, went live June 3 at BJC Medical Group.

Appointment conversion event marks one of last steps before Epic go-live

Six hundred participants from various BJC Medical Group practices, along with members of the BJC Medical Group management team and Epic1 (HIP) teams, spent the better part of the weekend of May 20-21 in activities related to moving appointments and pre-registrations to Epic. This was one of the final steps in preparing for the first go-live of the new electronic medical record.

Epic Training in Full Swing for BJC Medical Group

End user training for BJC Medical Group is underway. As providers and staff complete training requirements, the Epic training team scheduled classroom training six days a week.

“Hit the Road to Epic” Tour Lands at Academic Campuses

Providers and staff from academic campuses turned out in record numbers to join the HIP Team on the road to Epic. Total attendance from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital reached over 2,700.

New annex adds much-needed training capacity

After Missouri College in Brentwood closed its doors in November 2016, BJC leased two floors of the building to house its Health Information Partners (HIP) project staff

Super users possess Epic powers

In the months ahead, you’ll hear the term “super user” more and more in connection with the new Epic electronic health record (EHR).

But what is a super user?

The Epic Bulletin February 2017

BJC Medical Group go-live moved to June 3rd

Based on lessons learned from visiting other health systems, the BJC Medical Group (BJCMG) leadership has decided to adjust the implementation schedule of Epic.

Epic Bulletin - November 2016

Pod 1 hospitals and BJC Medical Group hit the road to Epic.  

The Epic Program team made several pit stops during the "Hit the Road to Epic" tour in October and November.

Super users possess Epic powers

In the months ahead, you’ll hear the term “super user” more and more in connection with the new Epic electronic health record (EHR).

But what is a super user?

Epic team member’s party sweater goes viral

The sweaters at Goodwill weren’t ugly enough for James Wyckoff. The Washington University/BJC Epic team’s holiday party — with an ugly sweater theme — was approaching fast, and EPIC team member Wyckoff and his girlfriend had hit the thrift store trying to find something suitable to wear.

Engagement to Date

The infographic shows the many engagments to date of the Epic program and what it takes to launch this Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Testing and Training: Epic team continues steady progress toward future electronic health record

An important part of the Epic Program is making sure the various decisions that have been made are a good fit for BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine

Our Epic Journey Continues

Around this time last year, I shared a story about a “patient” named Mary. Mary came to one of our hospitals for surgery. She had her procedure performed by a Washington University physician in one of our operating rooms, received medicine from our pharmacy, visited radiology for scans, and had blood work evaluated by the lab. And, because of the way our clinical systems work, all of Mary’s information was stored in multiple systems — meaning Mary’s nurses and doctors likely had to look up her information in more than five different systems.

Missed the mass migration?

Did you see the mass migration the week of June 19? No? That’s when huge amounts of data went flying through cyberspace to a darkened room in the BJC Learning Institute over a three-day period.

Epic Bulletin - October 2016

Gearing up: First roadshow arrives at Boone
After months of planning, the first of many roadshows took off with a “vroom” at Boone Hospital Center (BHC) on September 7. Read complete article here.

Physician videos explain how Epic will ‘put patients at the center'

Washington University School of Medicine are moving closer to the start of training on Epic, the new electronic health record (EHR) that will begin implementation next year.

Epic Site Engagement Team Kickoff at Christian Hospital

During their quarterly Christian Hospital Institute Leadership Development Meeting, leaders from Christian Hospital (CH) and leaders from Alton Memorial Hospital (AMH) heard about the Site Engagement Team program and received an overview of the Epic electronic health record (EHR) and their role in its implementation.

Epic Bulletin - August 2016

Message from the Epic Program Management Office:

This month marks an important milestone – the transition to testing. During this time, program activities will be centered on user previews of the system, and a deeper focus will be placed on training preparation. This issue highlights some of the major activities taking shape throughout the program for our organizations.

Boone Hospital Center hosts first Epic Roadshow

The first of many Epic Roadshows rolled into Boone Hospital Center Sept. 7. Titled “Hit the Road to Epic,” the event, sponsored by Health Information Partners (HIP), gave users at BHC a preview of the many benefits of the new electronic health record and demonstrated the value that a single-patient record will hold for patients and caregivers.

Going behind the scenes of an Epic roadshow

BJC — “Please, be careful to watch your acronyms,” says Becky Manne. “All of you are very familiar with Epic, but you’ll be talking to people who aren’t.”

Provider Brief September 2016

Ambulatory Content Reviews - The Ambulatory team is preparing for ambulatory content review sessions, which will take place beginning in October and run through February 2017. These sessions will focus attention on writing notes and placing orders in the ambulatory setting, basic office workflows, and other clinical content that is being incorporated into the outpatient module of Epic. The schedule of reviews and additional information can be found on the HIP Epic website. We hope you are able to attend the session for your specialty.

Provider Brief August 2016

Transition to Testing - We are moving from the build to the test phase of the Epic Program. Hours of designing workflows and other aspects of the system now require testing. So called “Application” and “Integrated” testing allows the team to ensure large and small components of the system work as intended prior to use. While much work is yet to be done, this is an important milestone and is the final stage prior to training users and then activating the system at go-live.

Making an impression: New Epic website launched

You want to prepare for Epic implementation at your facility, but go-live is still months away. What if you have a few minutes, and you want to start to explore? Where do you go? You’re hearing lots of terms thrown around: Super Users, Hyperspace, Order Sets. Where can you find out what they mean? When is it your facility’s turn to implement Epic?

Epic Bulletin - June 2016

Time flies when you’re having fun. We are officially one year away from the first Epic go-live! Our teams are well into the build of the system, and are now nearing the transition to testing. This issue of the Epic Bulletin highlights what users can look forward to with Epic and the impact it will have on patient-care

Curriculum review boards chart Epic courses

There are 66 curriculum review boards tailoring the training for the Epic electronic health record in preparation for its implementation. They are working in 23 applications (everything from Anesthesia to Willow, the pharmacy application) because they believe in the benefits of the electronic health record for patients, Washington University School of Medicine and BJC HealthCare.

Epic Bulletin - May 2016

While our program team is currently focused on a mantra to “keep calm, and build on,” this issue of the Epic Bulletin focuses on you, our future Epic users. You will learn about program resources that may be of value to you as you start to prepare for Epic.

Epic liaisons join hospital, health service teams

In a large meeting room at the BJC Learning Institute recently, people circulated, looking at name tags, talking and greeting each other. It was the kickoff for the Epic liaisons, and they were there to meet their peers and learn about the important role they are to play during the Epic implementation for their hospital or service organization.

Physician Brief May 2016

All inpatient providers are invited to be a part of the inpatient order set review process. The inpatient build team, in conjunction with a dedicated cadre of BJC and WUSM physicians, has been working to develop the core inpatient order sets for use within Epic.  The order sets being reviewed at the end of May and the beginning of June are among the first of five inpatient waves that will be built and reviewed before the Epic go live.

What Epic means to the project's co-director

Chero Goswami is a program director of the Epic project.  Here, he answers several questions about the project.

Epic Extra - Go-Live Sequence

The Epic Program, in concert with BJC and Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) leadership, have finalized the go-live timetable, bringing us one step closer to our program vision of “One patient, One record”.

Epic Bulletin - May 2016

While our program team is currently focused on a mantra to “keep calm, and build on,” this issue of the Epic Bulletin focusesonyou, our future Epic users. You will learn about program resources that may be of value to you as you start to prepare for Epic.

Epic to form site engagement teams across BJC

It takes a team of many individuals to implement a program as large as Epic. As BJC moves closer to “go-live” at each site, the Epic team will engage and empower site leaders by forming Site Engagement Teams.

Provider Brief - April

BJC and WUSM selected Epic as the new EHR in part because of the integration it provides across nearly every area of care. We are implementing the Epic Foundation system with enhancements built specifically for our health care community.

Physicians, clinicians are part of an 'epic' build

As the Epic electronic health record (EHR) is implemented at BJC and Washington University School of Medicine, having the appropriate clinical content is crucial to making the system work.