What is being said about Epic

Richard M., WUSM Nurse Supervisor of CAM Medical Multispecialty Center, Epic is like a great movie production such as Star Wars or Gone with the Wind. All had great producers, directors, awesome cast members and actors, plus all the behind-the-scenes people that played great parts in this EPIC transition

Kristine C., RMA medical assistant, Overland Medical Group, volunteered to be a super user because she likes to help people.

She was impressed by what she found at the BLI Annex: “The instructors are good, and the training facility is really nice,” she says.

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Advanced Imaging Techs are thrilled with the Epic change and said “Having everything in one place has increased our efficiency which has allowed us even more time to provide excellent care to our patients.”

A home health aide erupted in happy tears and a big smile, shouting “I did it!” - in front of her patient, so happy, she was able to complete her documents in Epic.

Kristine does not have any prior Epic experience but finds it pretty straightforward. “I’m excited about the change Epic will bring,” she says. “I think the transition is going to be a lot smoother than some people expect.


Pod 1 leaders unanimously agreed support from the Epic1 team have been excellent during the 4 p.m. executive leadership update.


Michael C., MD, on becoming a provider educator, “First, change is coming and it’s better to embrace Epic than put it off,” says Dr. Chen. “The training helped me because I knew I would be using it. Second, it gave me the opportunity to help other providers learn it as well.”


Stacie B. supervisor in OB/NICU, Boone Hospital Center, “I LOVE the system. It has so many features that we didn’t have before.”


Monica Smith, BHC chief nursing officer reports, “The nurses are already describing it as more intuitive and easier to use.” “They are confident that as they become more efficient in its use they will be able to spend more time with patients.”


Chief Medical Information Officer for BJC Medical Group, Dr. Michele Thomas noted, “During our first few weeks on Epic, we experienced issues as expected with any go-live but, overall, we also received positive feedback from our providers that the Epic system is an improvement for patient care.


Beth S., Manager of Quality, echoed similar excitement. “Love Epic and the ease of gathering information in one place. It will eliminate a lot of wasted time, and we’ll have real-time data and access to the whole chart. The staff was enthusiastic, and they knew their stuff.”

Alisha Morgan Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Patient Access Representative “Epic has brought Patient Access closer together as a team to help others. Epic has also made the registration process more efficient for both employees and patients.”

Samantha H., patient services representative lead, West County Medical Associates, has experience with Epic in another health system. She remembers being fearful during the go-live process with that system. As for her anxiety now she says, “Now, not so much.”

Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s newest Hospitalist, Sahil Goyal, MD, expressed his endorsement for Epic in how it has made things much easier, safer and efficient.

She recalls a time after her first Epic experience when she worked for a practice that did not have it. “Going back to their system after enjoying the benefits of Epic was horrible,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to working in Epic again.”


Christopher Watts, president, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hosptal and Progress West Hospital says, "I've never had access to this much data in previous systems, and I look forward to playing around a bit to see what I am able to obtain myself."


Psychiatrist Rachel M., DO, a provider educator, explains the four-hour Epic class included basic instructions, as well as information tailored to a provider’s specialty. “We talk about how to use Epic to admit, transfer and discharge a patient,” she says. “We’re not teaching them how to be doctors — we help them learn how to use the system.”


Rosi Fowler, Epic Implementation executive director, Academic Campus says of the Boone go-live, “We have really been looking forward to using Epic because it is a great, intuitive clinical record.” She goes on to say, “It will help providers and clinical care teams to be incredibly efficient and informed about best practices and other data that will enable us to provide even better care for our patients.”


Leigh E., a Nurse Practitioner for pre-admitting testing and the Anesthesiologist's group, shared her Go-Live experience. During Epic training, she said, she expected Epic to make her job easier. Now a
week into Go-Live she noted, "On a really good day on paper, I could get through 25 charts. Today I completed 45." Leigh sends her thanks all around.

Gilbert H., Christian Hospital Interim chief nurse executive says, "This is day 5 of Epic Go-Live and it's going surprisingly well. Everyone is working together as a team and I anticipate that at the end of this we will be much stronger with our EMR process."

Dr. David Shaw and Dr. Mohamed Ali from Christian Hospital both reported during rounding today that accessing patient information through Epic is working well and patient lists are fine. Dr. Shaw specifically said with Epic it’s faster now so he’s really liking the new system and is very happy with Epic.

Comments from Boone Hospital Center providers after Thrive training, “I feel like after today my knowledge has doubled.”

  • “That one tip that took two minutes to learn was worth the price of admission!”
  • “Very helpful!”
  • "This will definitely help me be more efficient in the system.”
  • “This class was great!”
  • “By teaching me this one thing, I will save two hours a day in documentation.”

Nicole B., BJH coding coordinator says of the Epic Academic roadshow, "Everything in one system instead of five."


BJWCH patient access rep Jamie H. said, “It’s nice to get a preview and get our questions out there. It looks like we’re going to receive alot of support. I’m very excited about Epic. The roadshow was nice because it helped us see what it is going to be like.

Tiara B., RMA medical assistant, Family Care at Christian Hospital, said she was selected as a super user due to her prior experience with Epic in another health care system. “When I came to BJC people said, ‘Oh, you are an Epic guru.

Tiara’s previous experience with Epic was positive: “I really liked it. The flow is easy, and I can’t wait to get back into it.